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Our Name

     Our name is derived from the network of travel ways known as the Ancient Silk Road.  The Ancient Silk Road connected people from various cultures with goods, services and ideas, bringing the East and the West together.  At Silk Road Connection, it is our desire to do the same.  Building on our connections both in the East and the West, we hope to help meet the needs of people in both regions.  Thank you for your support of the Silk Road Connection!

The maps below show 3 perspectives of the Ancient Silk Road.

In the map above, notice the network of trade routes and the major cities and countries they connect.

The map above shows the various empires and areas the Ancient Silk Road connected. 
The road highlighted is believed by many historians to be the main trade route connecting East and West. 
The main route is shown above, but keep in mind that the Ancient Silk Road was actually a network of many trade routes.

See the color key just below the map.  Notice the Great Wall of China shown in upper right of map.
This map shows an idea of the network of trade routes.